Explore Cyprus with us

Cyprus has been my home for longer than it wasn't and I am still shocked at the places I am yet to experience on an island where you can drive from one end and back in a day. Our pre-children days meant we spent a lot of time enjoying fine wine, great food, and archeological sites we now have the pitter-patter of little feet who would much prefer a bouncy castle and a juice box... Luckily, we have managed to find some serious compromises between their needs and ours. :) 

We always wanted to offer so much more than just great villas, we wanted our guests to really get lost in Cyprus and all the culture and events it has to offer. We hope that as we explore more you will enjoy coming back and checking out our adventures and we hope you get to explore some of these amazing sites too. If you do check out somewhere we have been or recommend, drop us a mention on our Facebook page or just send us a WhatsApp photo - it makes all the hard work so much more meaningful when we know it is truly making a difference. 

Enjoy exploring this beautiful island with us. 

Little Explorers in Cyprus

After having children it got us thinking about things we can do, besides the beautiful beaches. Then coronavirus and lockdowns hit and we were faced with challenges of what to do with children with nothing open, what to do when it was raining, what to do that is close by etc. All these things got us really putting on our thinking caps and we are busy now trying out all the options we found. We hope you find some of them helpful when you are here with your little explorers. 

Some of the things we cover are:

Paphos & limassol Zoo

Underwater walking & scuba diving

Petrides Farm and Bio Farm


Cape Greco nature reserve and marinas / walkways

Art sculpture park


Camel Park & donkey sanctuary



Churches and Castles around Cyprus

If there is something Cyprus has a lot of is beaches, bakeries, and churches. 3 things that people really enjoy visiting and doing whilst here. We have so many unique churches from old to new, built inside caves, on top of mountains, and more that it makes for a really interesting thing to go and see. My favorite churches are St Elias where the view of Protaras is worth the trek and the 3 generations of churches in Paralimni that grew as the town grew.

Some of the places we cover:

St Georges church and 3 generations in Paralimni

St Elias church Protaras

The church built on a hill

St Nicholas church

Events throughout the year

If there is one thing Cyprus is really really good at it is celebrating. We literally have a celebration for everything, water, flowers, wine, and strawberries are just a few. I love that there is always an excuse for a parade, festival, or food! Some of our favorite festivals are carnival which happens just before Easter celebrations in each city, its noisy and colorful and just fun for everyone. It is usually followed by Green Monday which is celebrated in nature (its where you only eat vegetables) and symbolizes the start of fasting. Some other amazing festivals are the medieval festival at the end of the season with horses, fire shows, stilt walkers, etc. We will cover as many of the festivals for you as we can... it really is a hard job but we will try to do it for you. ;)

Some of the things we cover are:

Wine Festival

Winter wonder and Christmas villages


Easter - carnival and green Monday

Flower Festival 

Strawberry festival

Water festival (kataklismos)

Winter in Cyprus

When winter hits we always breathe a sigh of relief from being so busy over the summer. Then we get so excited about the first of the rain, pop on our wellies and jump and dance in the puddles with the kids. OK, so for the most part Cyprus is sunny most of the time but we have spouts of rain and even snow (in the mountains) so we have a great range of weather throughout the year. When it's colder we like to try different places to explore. 

Some of the things we cover are:

Snow in the mountains

Mountain trips

Indoor play centres



Outdoor Adventures in Cyprus

Let's be honest, it's pretty hot so most of our adventures are outdoors but there is so much to do. From art sculpture parks, waterfalls, hiking trails, traditional villages, and beaches we have got a lot of exploring to do. We did a lot of exploring before having children but it is surprising how much there is still to see. One of our most memorable days was when we hired a quad bike for the day and went beach hopping, we stopped at the sea caves, had a cocktail at the harbor, took a tour of macronisos tombs, and ended our day with a meal by the sea. There are so many combinations to explore, you will surely have a blast.   

Some of the things we cover are:

Art Sculpture park


Sea Caves

Harbors and Marinas

Eating Out

If there is something we are good at in Cyprus it is eating. Food is definitely a specialty for us and the food is so fresh. If you are looking for a burger bar overlooking the sea or a traditional tavern in town or a unique place in the mountains you will only learn about from a local you have come to the right place. We have spent a lot of time eating haha. We have found amazing crepes, sandwiches, burgers, meze, salads, and more. We also cover takeaway, deliveries, and specialty food or dietary needs in our blog.

Some of the things we cover are:

Mezes - mini or big

Amazing crepes

Local hangouts

online delivery and grocery shopping

Gluten free and low GI

Rocks n Stuff

My husband's favorite subject is rocks n stuff. He loves archeology so pre-children we must have ventured to every site on the island, or at least I think so. He was in awe of the sites. Sites like the Kourion, La-tenta, and tomb of the kings are just the start of it. And this is where I will let my husband take over, because you probably want someone who knows what they are talking about to tell you the information. 

Some of the things we cover are:

Archeological sites in Cyprus




Well you already know we have gorgeous beaches, many of which are blue flag awards. This area has so many beaches there is definitely something for everyone. Famous beaches such as Fig Tree Bay, party beaches like Nissi beach, and gorgeous small bays like vrysoudion and Sirena bay. Let's not forget Konnos beach which is set down in the nature reserve. 

Some of the things we cover are:

Beautiful beaches are a given in this section

Wifi ready beaches

Beaches with restaurants

Parking facilities and bus routes

Underwater in Cyprus

Well when it is warm out, water is generally a good place to cool off. Since we live on an island there is definitely no shortage of water activities to choose from. From scuba diving, underwater walking, and watersports we will go over some amazing choices for younger visitors and older visitors alike. 

Some of the things we cover are:

boat trips

water sports locations

underwater walking