At the beginning of the year, we start the season off with carnival and green Monday. Each year it changes slightly depending on Easter. It's quite a big deal in all areas of Cyprus with the carnival marking the last day before lent, arguably the Limassol carnival has made a name for itself by being so big but all of the carnivals are amazing. There are dancers, floats, lots of music and dancing, and both evening and daytime carnivals. On the lead-up to carnival, most kids' schools will have a costume day with fun and games as well. It's a great week for adults and kids alike to just have some fun. 

Before green Monday there is also a meat Thursday which is when you will often smell lots of BBQs in the areas. Tsiknopempti is its official name, but it's also known as charred Thursday. It's traditionally the day you would consume the meat before lent / fasting starts. 

Green Monday is also known as clean Monday, also known as Ash Monday or Monday of Lent. is the first day of Great Lent throughout Eastern Christianity and falls on the sixth Monday before Palm Sunday which begins Holy Week, preceding Pascha Sunday. Most families take to the fields, bringing music, tables and chairs, BBQs, and kites and enjoy a day of consuming drinks (and alcohol) and eating fasting foods. Cape Greco is a common place for people to gather. 

If you have little ones, it can be quite noisy, so if your little one is sensitive to noise we bring headphones or ear muffs with us. 



Lavender Festival

If you are a flower lover or would just like to visit somewhere a little different whilst you are visiting in June or July then the Cyherbia Botanical Park & Labyrinth is full of lavender that month. You will have the chance to wander through the lavender gardens, taste the lavender cake and lemonade, and also watch the extraction of lavender. There are opportunities to buy lavender products from the shop and also to book photo shoots in among the lavender itself. 

The botanical park offers a lot throughout the rest of the year including Halloween so keep an eye out for the other months that you may like to visit. It is a great little place for kids to run around as well and just something a little different from the beach if you want a change of scenery. 

If you would like more information you can go to the website and see lots of photos and information.