We are spot on

We are Spot On

If you hadn’t guessed from our photos we are all family. Rita is my mum (Katie) and John is my husband and those cute-looking kids are ours too, (we didn’t borrow them for photos I promise). 

Our business started long before the pitter-patter of children way back in 2007 when Rita and myself opened Spot On. We wanted to offer our guests something we saw lacking in the market – hospitality! We want our guests to fall in love with Cyprus, the way we did, we want you to have somewhere to turn to, to ask questions, and to truly help.

Fast forward to today and I had married John, we gained 2 dogs and 2 children and our life is crazy busy between our work and our children and we absolutely love it! 

We love being able to raise our children and work, we love that our children get to see grandma so often and we all have a lot of fun in our chilled-out working environment. (Who am I kidding, sometimes it’s so busy during summer I feel like I need a coffee drip). In fact, as I build this website, my son is sitting next to me pushing 123 on the keypad (good job NumLock is on) and there is a really annoying kids' song in the background which is about 6 levels higher than it needs to be! 

If you are looking for honesty and hospitality combined with great properties you are in safe hands with us. 

What services do we offer

We offer a variety of different packages for both our owners and customers. 


For our owners, we offer full management, cleaning packages, rental packages, and key handling services. We understand that all properties are unique and they will need to be packaged according to the way the owner would like them to be managed, which is why our packages are always flexible to include/exclude services. We manage properties that are also not for rentals, maybe they come over a few times themselves or have family staying as an example and just wish to have someone undertake ad-hoc services. We also have owners who have never visited the property and have left the entire management to us from furnishings, services, and appliances, pool maintenance rentals, and maintenance. So our service range spans quite widely based on your needs. 


For our customers, we are here to help from the second you book to well after you leave. We can arrange transfers from the airport, car hire, shopping packages, wolt deliveries, and additional linen or towels. We also offer advice and tourist information, directions and most importantly advice in case of an emergency (lost luggage, lost passport, medical etc)

As a family business, there is very little we cannot assist you with and we take pride in our work. Over the years guests have become like family and friends and houses have become like our own homes. 


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